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Encouraging, inspiring and educating makers in the workshop


House of Hacks is all about providing resources to makers to encourage, inspire and educate them in their creative journey! Historically, our primary source of providing these services has been our YouTube channel. We are actively working on additional products to build-up people of all genders and ages who enjoy making things in the workshop.

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Harley Pebley

Maker, YouTuber and Author

From losing a fingernail by hitting it with a hammer at age five, to starting to work with power tools at age seven and continuing to the present with a nearly 40 year career in software development, Harley has been involved in creating things his entire life.

He’s not a woodworker although he makes things with wood. He’s not a metal worker or machinist although he makes things with metal. He’s not an electrical engineer although he makes things with electronics. In short, he’s a jack of all trades but master of none.

He believes creativity is a God-given attribute that everyone possesses. This creativity may manifest in different people in different ways. His focus is on making things in the workshop and empowering others to do the same.

He also believes creativity comes about from a broad-based knowledge base and incorporating concepts from different domains together in new ways. Because of this, the information he presents may be broad-based and seemingly not directly related to each other. But the underlying theme through it all is it has to do with making things in the workshop.

Through it all, remember…

Perfection isn’t required!

Fun is!